Von Hertzen Brothers ‘War Is Over’ Album Review

13 November 2017 Album Review News

An all on musical experience of classical rock sounds, progressive rock and a rich orchestra of instrumentals is what you will find when listening to the Von Hertzen Brother’s new album, War Is Over. The complete album is an dramatic, thematic performance that will pull in any rock listener who can appreciate the production of orchestrated, well put together music.

Previewing the album release, Rock Rage Radio recently interviewed the band. We asked them about their sound and their musical influences. “I guess we can be labelled as a progressive rock band. Although I personally feel that we are that and much more. The greatest bands for me have always the ones who are about the songs and not the genre. For example: I love Queen, were they a progressive rock band? Yes. But they were also so much more than that. Always approaching music with an open mind and lots of knowledge of different styles.

The mix of rock genres of music are prevalent throughout the album. From the first self-titled song, “War Is Over”, which dramatically begins with a carnival sounding theme, and slows to guitar solos with keyboards. The instrumental part in the beginning of the song is over three minutes and very thematic. The song builds listeners up for the vocals and the message of the story. “I had a dream and in the dream we were walking in circles. Playing hide and seek with our demons. Whichever way we tried to turn, we were facing a hurdle. I just can’t continue any further. Game over. I’m tired of this anger. I don’t want to live. I don’t want to live. I don’t want to live for tomorrow.”

Slow it down a little bit with the song, “Frozen Butterflies”. An introductory, soft musical ballad which features guitar riffs that imitate what a butterfly’s wings would sound like. A inspirational story of renewal, beauty and love lost and gained through time. A classic story with a guitar fueled sound.

On the opposite end of the spectrum of heavy instrumentals, is the song “Wanderlust”. The song begins more acoustically. Slight guitar, and incoming keyboard tones help tell the story of the song. A story of a relationship, where a person wants to leave their partner, wanting to leave the pain and coming to terms with the end of the relationship. The song continues as a rock ballad, soft and serene with slight vocals and building crescendos of sound.

War Is Over encompasses an eclectic range of rock music. However, very electrifying musically and lyrically. The album is the an overall opera of a musical experience. The highs and lows of instrumentals, a heavy core of sound, and brilliant vocals that help tell the story of the journey of the album.

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