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Angra, The Brazilian band will arrive to Mexico City on
February 26th to celebrate 30 years of “Rebirth”


The band will be playing the biggest hits of all his extensive discography, interpreting the best from his first album “Angels Cry” (1993) to “Ømni” (2018).

The band gave us some questions about the tour:


What are your thoughts on the current state of metal in Latin America? 
Felipe: We have many talented bands and lots of loyal fans. The main ingredients are there to create a strong science, but unfortunately we still suffer from lack of professionalism and incentive.
It’s important that the bands take matters into their own hands cause nowadays it’s almost impossible to rely on labels to do promotion and find opportunities.
The musicians need to manage their own careers.
Celebrating of 30 years of the album Rebirth,  what are the expectations on this tour? 
Felipe: We are very excited to play all these songs for the fans and meeting them again, celebrating 30 years of Angra.
We have a very special setlist and I’m confident we’re gonna have a blast.
What would Angra of the past say to Angra new production Omni,
 after 9 studio albums & 5 EP’s?
Felipe: I think we would be pretty proud.
First of all, for still be doing it so many years later, which is not easy.
Secondly, cause the music is still Angra while at the same time presenting new ideas and paths, which is something Angra has done since the beginning.


Angra is a Brazilian Power Metal Group founded in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.

Led today by guitarist Rafael Bittencourt, one of the most popular metal groups in Brazil and has achieved a strong impact in South America, Europe and Japan.


The group was founded in 1991 by the singer and multi -stertumer André Matos and by guitarists Rafael Bittencourt and André Linhares, after getting to know each other in the Faculty of Santa Marcelina in his native São Paulo.

Matos had been a member of the Viper band between 1985 and 1990 and Bittencourt had played with Spitfire. Later, musicians Luis Mariutti (bass), Marco Antunes (drums) and Kiko Loureiro (guitar), who replaced Linhares were integrated into the formation.

Rafael Bittencourt has been the only member who has participated in the recording of all the band’s albums, leading it since its inception and composing most of the material.

Angra has sold approximately five million copies of his albums worldwide.

Listen HERE

For the show on CDMX the opening bands will be Sky Wolves & Eversum.

Sky Wolves

It is a Mexican band influenced by Heavy Metal, Hard Rock and Power Metal from the old school.
The fierce trio formed in 2019. Fernado in the bass, Alejandro in vocals, and Alfredo on the guitar, form this project with the attitude that gender must have.



Formed on Mexico City, that recently launched its first single “Portrayer of Evil” written by the same members of the band, recorded in the study of the renowned progressive metal band, Agora.
The second single “This Cold Severe” was released during the presentation they had as special guests of John 5.




?️ February 26th 2023
? HDX Circus Bar, Mexico City



Author: Cel Quintero

Written by: Road Dog

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