Aurora Dream Releases New Single “A New Infinite” (feat. Plini & Simon Grove) to all major platforms!

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Instrumental Prog / Math Rock / Metal project Aurora Dream, based in Miami, Florida, has released their new single “A New Infinite” (feat. Plini & Simon Grove) on all major platforms.

Aurora Dream, the Miami, Florida-based instrumental math rock project, has released a new single titled “A New Infinite” that marks a fresh beginning and a new era for the project. The founder of the project and Venezuelan guitarist, Daniel Morales, has fused together a variety of music styles in this track through complex guitar writing and modern production techniques.

The song features the renowned Australian guitarist Plini and his bassist Simon Grove, who have contributed to the track in a way that elevates it to new heights. The song showcases an innovative approach to guitar music, fusing hyperpop, drum&bass, and glitchcore elements with instrumental guitar music. This fusion of styles creates a rich, progressive and melodic sound that stands out within the guitar scene.

With complex rhythms, catchy melodies, and innovative sound, “A New Infinite” is a track that is sure to impress even the most discerning of listeners. This track was mixed by Simon Grove and mastered by Venezuelan engineer Moises D’ Bello, and it is a testament to their musical expertise.

The track also has an interesting breakdown, featuring drum & bass beats and tapping guitars that complement each other perfectly. This unique blend of styles creates a sound that is both progressive and accessible, making it a standout track within the genre.

This release truly shows how guitar music continues to evolve and innovate, offering a lot more room for creativity and a new infinite for possibilities.

Music Tabs will be available for sale later this year.

“I was introduced to electronic music at a young age through video games and online browsing. This led me to discover artists like Aphex Twin and Boards of Canada and fueled my love for music. Over time, I became fascinated with the unique fusion of guitar music and electronics in artists like Linkin Park, Attack Attack, and more recently The Algorithm and 100Gecs just to name a few. This foundation has ultimately brought me to this point where I wanted to create my own twist on this genre, and I’m grateful to have had the help of talented artists like Plini and Simon Grove in realizing my vision,” says Daniel.

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artwork 3000x3000

Single Credits:

Guitars & Production: Daniel Morales
Features : Plini & Simon Grove

Mixed by: Simon Grove
Mastered by: Moises D’ Bello

Artwork: Alexey Brin
Photography: 4102 Productions
Photo Edits: Alejandro Hernández

Aurora Dream is a Miami, Florida-based musical project that was founded by Daniel Morales in 2016, during his final months at university. The project was launched with the release of “Parallel Colors (Demo),” a single that was originally meant to be a personal release. However, due to high demand during live shows, Daniel decided to establish a separate project.

Aurora Dream pushes the boundaries of traditional guitar music with its unique fusions, writing styles, and production techniques. Despite this, the project retains its signature progressive, modern, and ethereal sound. As the driving force behind Aurora Dream, Daniel Morales has grown the project independently with the help of numerous talented individuals in the music industry. The result has exceeded his expectations, and the project has expanded beyond his original vision.

Daniel Morales, also known as “Duniel”, is a Venezuelan-American independent guitarist, entrepreneur, and composer. He is best known as the founder of the instrumental project Aurora Dream, and also releases music under his own name where he explores his creative ideas and continues to expand the boundaries of guitar music. Daniel composes, plays guitar, records, and manages his unique brand of instrumental progressive music, all from his bedroom studio. Born in Mérida, Venezuela, on September 11th, 1996, Daniel is considered to be one of the most successful and influential guitarists from his home country. His inspirations revolve around progressive rock, metal, emo, math rock, pop, and experimental music.

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