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Invading the airwaves from Gothenburg, Sweden blasts the  band, Tears of a Fallen Hero. A band that produces gritty, yet melodic vocals, and captures the vocal essence with addicting hooks is just a slice of what the band has in store with their sound. I recently checked out their single “Stay Away’ and was immediately hooked.

Falling in love with the sound, I wanted to learn a little more about the band. Check out the uncut interview with the band and add them to your playlist. Tears Of A Fallen Hero will definitely be the #musicyouwillfallinlovewith!


Tell us a little about the band, where are you from? How did you meet?

Tears Of A Fallen Hero are a band from Gothenburg, Sweden. We started up as a studio project in late 2017. Tears Of A Fallen Hero is a new version of the band Hero in action who quit playing together in 2009. We all have kids and wanted to start playing music again when the kids got older. Our former bass player didn’t want to join us so we decided to change names and we became Tears of a Fallen Hero, but we all got to know each other in school in the beginning.


What kind of music would you describe your sound as? Who are some of your musical influences?

I guess we play some kind of pop/punk – punk/rock – alternative rock. Our intention is to make catchy rock music with a heavy touch and lots of melodies. We listen to a lot of different bands, but I would say that Millencolin, Anberlin, 30 Seconds To Mars and Architects are some of our influences.

Let’s talk about the newest single “Stay Away”.
Tell us what the song is about and what inspired the song?
“Stay Away” is about energy thieves. Some people seems to just take, and never give. Stay away from

How does the collaboration process work as far as writing/composing music?

We usually come up with a riff or an idea, after that we put it together to a song sending files to
each other. Most often we write the music first and then the song melodies.

How does it feel when you put all your hard work to the test and perform live? Do you have any
crazy performance band/fan stories?

Not any specific performance, but when we’re on stage the most important thing for us is to give the crowd a visual experience. Of course it has to sound good, but we’re from the punk school where you have to give it all for the show. There have been lots of crazy shows during the years, the energy we like to mediate usually makes the crowd crazy too. Blood, sweat and tears.

Let’s shake it up a little. Tell us some strange facts about the band, that virtually no one would
Our new member Patrik who plays bass is actually our drummer Robin’s younger brother.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2023?

We just dropped “Stay Away” as the last single from the upcoming album ‘Save Us From Ourselves’. We just decided that the release date for it will be February 3rd, 2023. We’ll do a release show in Gothenburg February 11th. After that our plan is to hit the road and do as many gigs as possible.

By: Not the Girl Next Door Show/Angela Mockbee

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