THE HU took over the Lunario stage in Mexico City

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After touring in North America with a unique style of Mongolian throat singing accompanied by traditional instruments, THE HU took over the Lunario stage in Mexico City with an audience ready to listen to the Mongolian band.
After a successful SOLD OUT, the band gave a lesson on what can be achieved after years of effort, discipline and constant dedication, in a voracious industry where THE HU has conquered for its simplicity as well as the impeccable quality within each interpretation.
We were part and witnesses of the catharsis that was generated in each note of HUNNU ROCK inspired by Hunnu, an ancient Mongol empire, known as The Huns in Western culture.
Some of the band’s lyrics include war stories and poetry from Mongolia with elements of Heavy Metal, an exquisite combination even for the most demanding ears.
The theme of THE HU’s lyrics talk about environmental awareness, but they highlight the ancestral culture of their country, adding instruments such as the Morin khuur bowed string instrument, considered a symbol of the Mongolian nation.
The morin khuur is one of the Masterpieces, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The Tovshuur, a 3-stringed instrument, as well as the Tsuur, a traditional Mongolian flute.
They showed off the most recent material with “This is Mongol”, which a few days after its release has received more than 535K views on Spotify and has generated 1.5M views on its official YouTube channel.
Without a doubt one of the bands that you should consider among your musical preferences and maybe you could add some of these songs to your playlist!
  • Shihi Hutu
  • Shoog Shoog
  • The Gereg
  • Chinggis Kaan
  • Shireg Shireg
  • Bill Biyley
  • Black Thunder
  • Yuve Yuve Yu
  • Wolf Totem
  • This Is Mongol
  • Sad But True
After the successful tour on the United States (USA) The  “Black Thunder Tour” ended with masterfully interpretation of “Sad But True”, a tribute made to Metallica, as part of a compilation of various international artists, to the shout of OLE OLE OLE, THE HU, THE HU!

Written by: Road Dog

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